The Compounding Advantage

A century ago, almost every prescription was compounded to meet individual needs, but by the 1950s, most pharmaceutical and natural products were mass-produced with limited range of strengths and dosage forms. 

Today, the science and art of compounding is experiencing a renaissance. Patients and health care professionals are rediscovering compounding as a means to personalize care and achieve profound and substantial therapeutic outcomes. Increasingly, practitioners are creating their own formulations in perfect harmony with their naturopathic beliefs, clinical experience and patient needs. The major advantage of compounding is its flexibility in providing excellent patient treatment through natural product supplementation.

Signature Supplements is here to provide you, the practitioner, with the most therapeutic and individualized natural supplementation to support your patients’ journey to optimal health.

Compounding with Signature Supplements

Signature Supplements is a true
practitioner-only supplement company. 

  We are compounders of natural products under the Compounding Policy of Health Canada’s Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD), which regulates natural products.

  We only sell our compounded products to qualified practitioners for use within the context of a practitioner-patient relationship.

  Our products are not available for resale in any retail environment. Your patients return to you to purchase their supplements.

  We follow safe and comprehensive compounding practices.

  Our products are made with premium ingredients in a quality controlled environment.

Who can benefit from compounding?

We compound specific ingredients in therapeutic dosages, encapsulated or in powder form, for maximum effectiveness and improved patient compliance.

General Patient Population

From preventive medicine to chronic disease, each patient deserves the best in individual and effective care. Every patient is different, so every formula and supplement must have the option to be different too. We provide a starting point, and you add or tweak your patient supplement protocol as you see fit. High quality, preformulated supplements can work predictably well. We offer tried and true formulas that work for specific health conditions and patient populations. 


Supplements can be a challenge for children. We have developed the following solutions:

  very small doses of active ingredients
  flavoured and unflavoured powdered products that can be added to water, juice and foods such as yogurt and applesauce
  mini capsules that are easy to swallow
  raw materials that are sugar-free and do not contain common allergens such as dairy, wheat, gluten, soy or nuts 

A note about allergens: Signature Supplements carries a few raw materials that contain common allergens such as dairy found in our whey protein, and our phosphatidylserine derived from soy. Any raw materials that contain common allergens can be easily avoided.


Individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can have significant problems with pharmaceuticals and conventional supplements. Signature Supplements creates custom formulations in exact therapeutic doses required by patients, with the added benefits of:

  no sugar
  no lactose
  no allergens
  no preservatives

We carry many of the supplements specifically required by individuals with ASD, including probiotics, enzymes, 5-HTP, MTHF, NAC, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin K2, many forms of vitamin E, glutathione, and many more.


Pets can also benefit from the tailored treatment compounding has to offer! We compound individual formulas for pets or Practitioner-Designed stock products for veterinarians who want to create the perfect condition-specific formulas for their furry patients. 

Watch for our new line of pet supplements – coming soon!

Functional Medicine and Genetic Laboratory Testing

Many specialty clinical laboratories perform nutritional and functional testing on patient samples including hair, urine or saliva. Simply forward these test result reports to us via email or fax and we’ll create a custom formula for that patient! You can also request that additional nutrients be included in the formula. We provide a free quote and once you give the go-ahead, the formula is compounded and sent to the patient or clinic.

Orthomolecular Medicine

When it comes to optimal health, a cookie cutter approach to supplementation is just not good enough! Commercially available supplements often do not comply with Orthomolecular principles with respect to therapeutic dosages. Signature Supplements fills that gap and offers a wide variety of raw materials to choose from, available in the dosage and format specific to your patient.

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P. 1-888-333-8038

F. 1-888-889-0740

A. 50 Eileen Stubbs Ave, Unit 144
Dartmouth NS B3B 0M7